Wk12-Artist Interview-Piet Eppinga



This week, I entered the Werby Gallery because of the large ceramic sculptures displayed.  These sculptures seemed to represent an African-American culture and I was curious to know more.  The artist who created these pieces is Piet Eppinga.  He was very friendly and went in depth with each sculpture that was in the gallery.  He began by explaining how his pieces do have African-American looks.  Other pieces such as his round, hollow pot seemed to look similar to something in a Japanese culture.  He was very proud of these looks that are portrayed through his art because he lives in the multi cultural society.

Each one of his pieces contains very specific detail, each with a different meaning behind it.  For example, on the lid of the pot there were four circles which he showed me.  Each of the four circles represented something different; Earth, air, fire, water.  The largest piece in this gallery was named “The Queen ” and it was supposed to resemble the queen from a chess board.  Eppinga carefully pointed out certain objects he included in this piece to represent stability and power.  Another one of his pieces was a man, woman, and child.  The sculpture was carefully created to show how a man and woman were bind together through a child and essentially become “one”.  My favorite part of this gallery was when Eppinga told us when he was created this sculpture he asked himself “Who am I in this piece?”.  I then tried to imagine myself as part of the sculpture and how it related to me.  He offered a very different insight to his artwork.

In order to complete this gallery he worked on these sculptures for about 3 months.  All his sculptures were made from clay and each was hand crafted differently and individually.  In some of his sculptures, Eppinga included glass.  However, the glass was originally powder.  For example inside the hollow Japanese bowl, he filled it with glass powder.  Once it is placed in the kiln, the temperature increases and causes the powder to melt into glass.  He explained how using the kiln can be a dangerous process.  The kiln reaches dangerous temperatures and if a clay sculpture is left inside for too long the clay will harden and eventually begin to melt.  He was very cautious and kept a close eye on all his sculptures.  They came out very intricate and appealing to the eye.  Overall, I enjoyed Piet’s artwork and especially loved the new perspective he gave me when admiring the sculptures.

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Wk12-Classmate Interview-Jerrell Howell



This week I got to meet a very outgoing classmate named Jerrell Howell.  From talking to Jerrell Howell I found a lot of interesting things about him. For example, he is the youngest of 3 and the first one to go to college out of his family.  In my opinion, this is an accomplishment that Howell should be extremely proud of.  He is from Fontana and been living there for 12 years of his life. Howell plays baseball and is a huge Angels fan. It was interesting to find out we share the same passion for sports, although they are different sports.  He grew up playing baseball, and has continued playing for 13 years.  He has a very strong passion and love for baseball.  He came from Summit High School in Fontana and he was an honor roll student.

Jerrell Howell is a second year at Cal State Long beach and he is a Health Care Administration major. He told me that he wanted to find a way to help out people, and he thought being a part of health care would do the job.  I was very interested in finding out more about his major because it is a major that I am considering since I am undeclared.  We share the same motive of wanting to help others and I will definitely consider Health Care Administration.  Jerrell Plans to go to the Air force after college. He said he wants to go so he can travel the world and to help his family in the long run. He wants to create his own brand or become a model for a brand. He is very goal oriented and depicts the personality of a go getter.

Jerrell wants a lot in life, for him and his family. He hopes he can take care of his parents once he get a career. He is very family oriented, and he wants nothing but the best for them. Howell definitely has a bright future ahead of him.  I hope once I figure out a major and career path that I too can develop the kind of drive and determination that Howell exemplifies.  I greatly respect his love for his family and desire to do good in his future.  It was a pleasure getting to know someone with vibrant determination.  I hope he is able to accomplish all of his dreams. I hope nothing but the best for him.

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This week our assignment was to create a plaster sculpture in the sand of our hand or foot.  When I first heard of this assignment I had mixed emotions because it seemed like a complicated process and I had never dealt with plaster before.  I also did not have any of the supplies required to complete this activity.  Aside from being unprepared for this activity, I was also afraid I was not going to have enough time to complete this project.  However, once I began the project it was much easier than expected.  The part I struggled with most was gathering all the appropriate supplies.

Luckily, one of my friends accompanied me throughout this activity so I had help.  We began by going to Home Depot to purchase plaster a bucket and shovel.  I was unaware of all the different types of plaster there were and it was a very complicated decision.  Finally after about half an hour at Home Depot I was able to gather all the supplies then headed over to Belmont Shores in Long Beach.  I went to Belmont Shores because there is a dog beach in the same area and I figured it would be nice to look at all the dogs while we were waiting for the plaster to dry.  We began by digging a deep enough hole for my hand and wrist to fit.  Then, my friend tightly packed it with wet sand and I removed my hand and began mixing the plaster in the bucket.  It did not take long but aiming the plaster to land perfectly in my molding was very difficult.  I waited about 20 minutes then it was fully dry and we dug out the molding.

Although the molding did not come out with as much detail as it should have, it was still a very interesting new experience.  I love trying new art projects and I’m glad I found the time to complete this project.  My creation did not have complete fingers, which made it look very creepy.  I did however enjoy relaxing at the beach during a stressful time in school.  This activity was very enjoyable because I was very new to everything. This project was not only an excuse to be at the beach but also a small taste of summer.  Overall, this was a fun project and I wish we would have done this earlier in the semester.

Wk11-Artist Interview-Gabriel Garcia



This week I was drawn to a specific gallery because of the profanity I saw.  At first I was very shocked and needed to enter the gallery to see what other words or phrases were on display.  The words and phrases were posted all around the walls.  It was  very bold and almost as the art was yelling at me.  The messages were definitely being put across in a very masculine manner.  As I stepped back and looked at the four walls with words as a whole I interpreted it as some sort of propaganda.  There was a firm message with an intended audience.  These writings might even be described as controversial to certain groups of people.  I was eager to learn more.

My interpretation was definitely on the right track!  I met young artist Gabriel Garcia who named his collection of art Toxic Masculinity.  This name perfectly described and summed up his work.  His main purpose in creating this piece was to explain how there is an obvious negative effect that comes with the masculinity of males.  There is a sense of danger that comes with masculinity as well as violence.  In order to portray this dark message, Garcia chose to work with charcoal.  All the pieces displayed were on rolls of paper and he used only charcoal to create his pieces.  This was actually his thesis and he had been working on this piece since January.

Due to Garcia’s portrayal of masculinity I was curious if this was his actual perspective on the topic.  Garcia explained how this was not his perspective, but it represented a stereotype viewpoint.  All the words and phrases he included in his art work were the ones he thought best summed up the masculine culture.  Since the artwork is so bold, I was curious if any of the people who have visited his gallery were offended .  Garcia said he did have one confrontation.  There was one homosexual male who walked into his gallery with his friend and he made very loud comments of how he was offended.  Although it may be controversial, I think it is important that art is just a form of expression and making a statement.  Garcia’s artwork is very strong and I greatly respect him for that.


Wk11-Classmate Interview-Kylie Louthan



This week I met a very friendly classmate.  Her name is Kylie Louthan and she is a first year here at CSULB.  Louthan is an only child and I was very curious to know more since I have two younger brothers.  She did admit it gets lonely sometimes, but she grew up close to her cousins.  Louthan mentioned how she has two cats, but all of her parents focus is on her.  In my opinion that would be very difficult to handle since I am used to having my own freedom.  However, Louthan has traveled to various places such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii.  Her favorite by far has been Hawaii. but she really enjoyed her visit to the Epcot center and Disney world.

Louthan majors in Film and wishes to become a film editor.  She does not do any script writing or acting, but she loves documentaries.  On her free time she enjoys filming events and editing them together.  She has always had an interest in film.  When she was in 8th grade, her and her cousin would make short videos for fun.  It was heart warming to see someones interest become their major with a bright future ahead of them.  She has taken two film classes at CSULB already and is determined to continue.  I learned something very interesting about film classes offered at CSULB.  Last semester, Louthan completed a film history class where her assignments consisted of watching movies and writing papers on each movie.  I did not know that much wiriting was involved in a film history class.

I found Louthan and I had several differences.  For example, attending CSULB was her first choice of college, and unfortunately it was not my first choice.  Another example, Louthan mentioned she is not very artistic using paints and mentioned how difficult it was to knit for our yarn bombing activity.  On the other hand, I greatly enjoy using paints and enjoyed the yarn bombing activity.  Some of Louthan’s hobbies consist of playing tennis and playing guitar.  I regret never learning to play an instrument and one day wish to have enough free time to learn.  One ironic fun fact about Louthan was that she has been working at a movie theater since she was 16 years old and she is a film major.  Overall, I had a great time getting to know Kylie.

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Wk10-Student Choice



This week I was given the freedom to create any form of art I desire.  My activity this week was not planned, rather a spontaneous idea put into action.  Since this was the last week of school before spring break my roommate and I were extremely ecstatic.  Once we finished our midterms and Thursday afternoon rolled around, we were officially on spring break.  We were so overjoyed we began blasting loud music down our dorm hall and singing at the top of our lungs.  This continued for about half an hour and the music progressively turned to the rap genre.

Our suite mate across the hall came into our room because we were so loud and began to record us on snapchat.  It was then that my ridiculous idea sparked.  All musicians and artists have photo shoots for album covers, so why couldn’t we do the same?  It seemed like a great idea and we made a “LB” sign and even used some money as props.  This photo shoot consisted of several photos, but I only posted the best ones.  This activity was extremely amateur.  It was so spontaneous there was no preparation.  Our photographer was our suite mate and she photographed on an iphone 5s.

Although we attempted to capture a very serious and demeaning face in our “album cover”, it was very difficult.  I for one am not a serious person and am always found smiling and laughing.  Every other picture was of us laughing, which is why we had so many pictures until we got the right one.  This made me realize that true art should be enjoyable and not serious.  I had so much fun in my photo shoot and I can only hope that all artists enjoy creating their art.  If art is not enjoyed by the artist then how should it be expected to be appreciated by others?  Unfortunately, I have no saved voice recordings of our horrible attempts to rap and sing.  Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience and definitely    helped lighten the mood from midterms and prepare for a week of relaxation with family and friends.


Wk10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertle



This week I chose to interview Dawn Ertle.  This artist came into class before and talked about her installation.  I was eager to know more and see her installation in person.  Her art was something I had never seen before.  I immediately was drawn to the unique way the installations seemed to drape form the ceiling.  I began to interpret this as someones travels.  Since the piece was very intertwined, I thought it could represent the various places one has traveled to.  Maybe this is due to my desire for traveling.  I have only traveled to a couple of nearby states, but that is not enough.  Unfortunately, once I learned the inspiration for these weavings I found out my interpretation was far from the artist’s intention.

Ertle explained how the larger of the two weavings reflected the relationship between religion and politics.  She wanted it to represent how these two controversial topics play and do not play well together.  Considering I am not politically or religiously inclined, I did not see how her piece had anything to do with those two topics.  However, I was still interested to learn more about Ertle’s weavings.  This was her third installation and she was very confident in her work.  It was surprising to hear that her whole exhibition took an entire year to complete!  That goes to show just how devoted and passionate she is as an artist.  Since this installation is tied to several parts of the ceiling and walls, there is no definite shape.  This makes her art much more unique.  How amazing must it be to see your own art take on several forms and shapes every time it is displayed?

The other longer, more vertical installation was based on weather patterns.  Ertle had been working on environmental issues for 6-7 years and hoped to incorporate this knowledge with her art.  The closer I examined this installation I could definitely see where the weather patterns could be identified.  The origin of Ertle’s weavings began with plastic bags.  She still includes plastic bags in her artwork.  The other products that can be found in the weavings include straws, plastic bottles, strawberry crates, but mostly plastic bags.  Ertle even gave us an insight into the process of creating such wonderful art.  She explained how there are frames on a loom which hold the needles.  Each long yarn that is seen in her installation goes through those needles.  Then, she presses a peddle, which raises the needles up and down.  The result of these steps creates unique patterns within the yarn.  Overall, I really enjoyed Dawn’s gallery and wish her the best of the luck with any further art creations to come.