Wk15-Artist Interview-Elia Murray



This week I interviewed the animated artist, Elia Murray.  She was very kind and outgoing.  Murray actually tried engaging in conversations with my peers and I, which I thought was very humbling of her.  She wanted us to understand her artwork and express our different perspectives.  I chose to interview Murray because her artwork was based on animated animals.  I love animals and seeing them come to life through artwork.  Her drawings and 3D sculptures seemed as if they came straight out of a cartoon.  Not only were they animated, but these animals had a very realistic feel to them.  The amount of detail within each animal was incredible.  In a couple of her drawings of dogs, she detailed even the slightest fold of their fur and gave each animal a unique expression.  Right off the bat, I knew Murray had to have been an artist since she was a little girl because the talent expressed through her drawings was amazing.

During this interview, one of my peers mentioned how her artwork was similar to something that Disney would create.  I automatically drew the connection as well and figured out this is why I liked her artwork so much because I also love Disney.  Murray responded that since she had been an artist for so long that she, as well as all artists, do draw some influence from other artwork.  She also mentioned how it would be a dream to work for Disney.  Murray has actually just recently applied to internships for Disney and Cartoon Network, which she is waiting to hear back from.  However, usually animation majors apply for internships like those and Murray is an illustration major.  I wish her the best of luck because she was brave enough to still apply and accept the fact that she was going against the norm.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a feeling Murray had been an artist since she was a young girl, which turned out to be true.  Murray’s mother was an artist and her father was an illustrator.  She had grown up in a creative environment where expressing herself artistically became natural to her. She grew up enjoying writing, drawing, painting and sculpting fun lively characters.  It was interesting to find out that she had come into college thinking she was going to be an english major.  Her mother convinced her to remain an art major, which I thought was funny since usually the opposite advice is given from parents.  However, it’s a good thing Murray changed her mind because she would not have become the amazing and talented artist she is today.  I really enjoyed viewing her artwork and hopefully one day one of her characters is out on the big screen for everyone else to enjoy.



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