Wk15-Classmate Interview-Valeria Garcia


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This week I interviewed my very classmate for the semester.  Her name is Valeria Garcia and was willing to do an interview with me although she had already done another classmate interview.  She was very friendly and was eager to begin our interview.  Valeria grew up in Long Beach and attended all schools in Long Beach, and found it very convenient to attend CSULB.  She is already on her second year here at CSULB and eager to continue her education and hopefully graduate in four years.  Both of our high schools were feeder schools to CSULB.  Due to this, Valeria understood when I explained CSULB was not my first choice of school, but nonetheless is a very great and prestigious school.

Valeria is studying Business Finance and is very determined in her field of study.  She plans on integrating her business and finance knowledge somewhere in the fashion industry.  However, she mentioned how this seems stereotypical since she is a female.  She would also like to become a financial analyst, which made me wonder if she actually enjoyed all the math that would consist of.  Valeria mentioned how she genuinely enjoys math courses and the work involved and is also very good at equations and finding solutions.  This was very shocking, considering I cannot stand math classes.  I feel as though all the formulas are a foreign language to me and it is always so funny to me when people say they enjoy it.  Valeria was sad after she completed her Business Calculus course because she would not be taking other math courses until later in her upper division courses.  I wish her the best of luck in her career path.

Throughout the interview I got to know Valeria better and found there were two very interesting facts about her.  First, she has a fraternal twin who also attends CSULB named Vanessa.  Twins have always fascinated me and surprisingly I have met a lot of people in college who are twins. Another interesting fact is that she was just recently married.  She turned 20 years old this past January and got married in December of 2014.  She married her high school sweet heart and her husband is also in our art110 class.  I was initially shocked when she said this because in my opinion that is way too young to be married, but if she is happy then that is all that matters.  I definitely could not picture myself a year from now married.  She also mentioned how she goes to the Laugh Factory on her free time.  I always pass by it at the Pike in Long Beach, but have never gone inside.  Overall, it was a pleasure getting to know Valeria and I hope all goes well in her future.

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