Wk14-Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak


FullSizeRender (21)

This week I got to have another conversation with an artist who I had previously interviewed and loved her art work.  This interview was more of an insight as to what Kwak had in store for her future.  She had one art piece, which she is photographed up above.  Her piece was part of the art show, Liminal, which is the senior painting/drawing BFA show.  She explained how all her classmates came together and collaborated 1-2 pieces of their artwork to produce this wonderful art show.  The fact that she came back to the gallery and was open to talking to students about her work this semester shows her passion for what she does.  I really admired her enthusiasm and desire to answer questions and engage in conversations.

Kwak began to give an insight into her personal life.  She said painting came to her as a natural instinct when she was very young.  Her talent in art began as a hobby, then became her passion.  Kwak mentioned how majority of people who are into art are very different.  Most of the people who are passionate about their artwork either had something traumatic or very good happen to them.  She explained how she was not an only child, however she felt as if she was.  Since Kwak spent a lot of time alone she used this time to dive deep into her imagination.  She spent majority of her time drawing/painting and creating characters within her artwork.  It was very interesting to learn more about her personal life.  It was also very humbling of her to share her childhood memories with us.  This was just another factor which makes me really respect her as an artist.

The painting she included in this collaboration was a landscape of Fullerton Hills.  She expressed how her goal was to use as many colors as possible.  She definitely achieved that goal and the result was wonderful.  As far as her plans for the future, she was not set on an exact path, but more of a realistic approach.  Kwak is currently preparing her portfolio and plans on attending grad school later in the future.  As a student graduating in the art department, she earns commission for her artwork.  She explained how someone can come and tell the artists what they want and they pay them and it is up to the artist to recreate the piece the customer imagined.  Her advice to all students was to travel any opportunity they get.  Once Kwak graduates she plans on traveling as much as possible!  Overall, I admire Kwak as an artist and wish her nothing but the best once she graduates this semester.


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