Wk14-Classmate Interview-Sarah Schneider



This week I got to know my classmate, Sarah Schneider.  She is currently a second year here at CSULB.  Her major is Health Science and she is very determined in her career path.  She plans on becoming a Radiologist in the future, which consists of four years of under grad and four additional years at graduate school.  I was shocked by the amount of years she had to attend school, but she was certain that it would be worth it in the end.  I wish her the best of luck and hope she succeeds.  I also learned that she commutes from Cypress, but attended Cerritos High School.  The city I am from is very close to both Cypress and Cerritos, which means we are basically neighbors.

An interesting fact about Schneider is that her life revolves around bowling.  I recently got a little more educated on the competitiveness and financial factor that comes along with the hobby bowling.  One of the father’s of the little girls that I coach for my job used to be a very successful bowler.  He explained how he used to rely on the money he would win in bowling tournaments to support his family.  Low and behold Schneider explained the same finances that come along with bowling.  Not only is the equipment, such as a customized ball, expensive but entry fees into tournaments as well.  However, al the money put in can be earned back and even more after just a couple rounds of bowling.  Schneider had her fair share of stories as well and mentioned how she had been bowling for over 6 years.  She is also currently looking for a job preferably in a bowling alley.

Aside from bowling Schneider spends a lot of her time watching shows on Netflix.  This was extremely relatable because any free time I get I try my best to finish the current tv show series I am watching.  I also learned about Schneider’s complex racial background.  Her mom is from the Philippines and her dad’s family is from Russia and Germany.  This was very surprising to hear because when I first saw her I initially assumed she was from a hispanic background.  She actually found it kind of funny when I told her that because she said she gets that a lot from people.  However, I admire her mixed culture because she gets to learn and adopt several values from a variety of places.  I feel as if it is also an advantage at some point.  Part of the reason I feel this way is because I am of one racial group, Mexican.  Overall, I had a great time during our interview and I wish Sarah success in her future endeavors!

Sarah Schneider 48.wordpress.com


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