Wk13-Classmate Interview-Kasi Gibo


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This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Kasi Gibo.  She is a 4th year here at CSULB and about to finish her last semester as a college student.  As every other graduating student, she expressed her excitement but also worry for a potential future career.  Gibo will be graduating as a communication major and has completed all her 4 years here at CSULB.  She lives locally in Cypress and has always commuted.  Unfortunately, she wishes she would have gotten more involved and seemed very happy when I mentioned how involved I was becoming barely as a first year.  This made me feel as if I had taken the right path towards a great college experience.  She had a lot of advice to share with me and although there was an age gap, my conversation with her seemed never ending and we were eager to see what each other had to share.

As a result of our conversation we shared an interest in sports.  She understood the time management stress I went through growing up due to my dedication to athletics.  Gibo had played basketball for 13 years, but knew when it came time for college she had to focus on her studies.  She also enjoyed running for several years and still continues to this day.  She currently runs 3 miles minimum every day.  I greatly admired her determination and drive.  We also shared balancing work and school in common.  She works at Nordstrom and is also a full time student.

One of the most interesting things about Gibo is that she has her cosmetology license.  This process is much more time consuming than I had imagined and involved 1600 hours to receive a cosmetology degree.  I have always had an interest in cosmetology and be able to properly better my appearance when doing my hair and make up.  However, I cannot imagine the amount of stress Beauty school would add to my life.  Gibo would attend school during the day and Beauty school at night.  It was a 13 month part time process for her and well worth the training.  It all seemed so interesting but just impossible to fit into my already busy schedule.  Overall, I had a great time interviewing Kasi and I definitely learned a lot from her.

Kasi Gibo.wordpress.com


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