Wk12-Classmate Interview-Jerrell Howell



This week I got to meet a very outgoing classmate named Jerrell Howell.  From talking to Jerrell Howell I found a lot of interesting things about him. For example, he is the youngest of 3 and the first one to go to college out of his family.  In my opinion, this is an accomplishment that Howell should be extremely proud of.  He is from Fontana and been living there for 12 years of his life. Howell plays baseball and is a huge Angels fan. It was interesting to find out we share the same passion for sports, although they are different sports.  He grew up playing baseball, and has continued playing for 13 years.  He has a very strong passion and love for baseball.  He came from Summit High School in Fontana and he was an honor roll student.

Jerrell Howell is a second year at Cal State Long beach and he is a Health Care Administration major. He told me that he wanted to find a way to help out people, and he thought being a part of health care would do the job.  I was very interested in finding out more about his major because it is a major that I am considering since I am undeclared.  We share the same motive of wanting to help others and I will definitely consider Health Care Administration.  Jerrell Plans to go to the Air force after college. He said he wants to go so he can travel the world and to help his family in the long run. He wants to create his own brand or become a model for a brand. He is very goal oriented and depicts the personality of a go getter.

Jerrell wants a lot in life, for him and his family. He hopes he can take care of his parents once he get a career. He is very family oriented, and he wants nothing but the best for them. Howell definitely has a bright future ahead of him.  I hope once I figure out a major and career path that I too can develop the kind of drive and determination that Howell exemplifies.  I greatly respect his love for his family and desire to do good in his future.  It was a pleasure getting to know someone with vibrant determination.  I hope he is able to accomplish all of his dreams. I hope nothing but the best for him.

Jerrell Howell22.wordpress.com


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