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This week our assignment was to create a plaster sculpture in the sand of our hand or foot.  When I first heard of this assignment I had mixed emotions because it seemed like a complicated process and I had never dealt with plaster before.  I also did not have any of the supplies required to complete this activity.  Aside from being unprepared for this activity, I was also afraid I was not going to have enough time to complete this project.  However, once I began the project it was much easier than expected.  The part I struggled with most was gathering all the appropriate supplies.

Luckily, one of my friends accompanied me throughout this activity so I had help.  We began by going to Home Depot to purchase plaster a bucket and shovel.  I was unaware of all the different types of plaster there were and it was a very complicated decision.  Finally after about half an hour at Home Depot I was able to gather all the supplies then headed over to Belmont Shores in Long Beach.  I went to Belmont Shores because there is a dog beach in the same area and I figured it would be nice to look at all the dogs while we were waiting for the plaster to dry.  We began by digging a deep enough hole for my hand and wrist to fit.  Then, my friend tightly packed it with wet sand and I removed my hand and began mixing the plaster in the bucket.  It did not take long but aiming the plaster to land perfectly in my molding was very difficult.  I waited about 20 minutes then it was fully dry and we dug out the molding.

Although the molding did not come out with as much detail as it should have, it was still a very interesting new experience.  I love trying new art projects and I’m glad I found the time to complete this project.  My creation did not have complete fingers, which made it look very creepy.  I did however enjoy relaxing at the beach during a stressful time in school.  This activity was very enjoyable because I was very new to everything. This project was not only an excuse to be at the beach but also a small taste of summer.  Overall, this was a fun project and I wish we would have done this earlier in the semester.


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