Wk11-Classmate Interview-Kylie Louthan



This week I met a very friendly classmate.  Her name is Kylie Louthan and she is a first year here at CSULB.  Louthan is an only child and I was very curious to know more since I have two younger brothers.  She did admit it gets lonely sometimes, but she grew up close to her cousins.  Louthan mentioned how she has two cats, but all of her parents focus is on her.  In my opinion that would be very difficult to handle since I am used to having my own freedom.  However, Louthan has traveled to various places such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii.  Her favorite by far has been Hawaii. but she really enjoyed her visit to the Epcot center and Disney world.

Louthan majors in Film and wishes to become a film editor.  She does not do any script writing or acting, but she loves documentaries.  On her free time she enjoys filming events and editing them together.  She has always had an interest in film.  When she was in 8th grade, her and her cousin would make short videos for fun.  It was heart warming to see someones interest become their major with a bright future ahead of them.  She has taken two film classes at CSULB already and is determined to continue.  I learned something very interesting about film classes offered at CSULB.  Last semester, Louthan completed a film history class where her assignments consisted of watching movies and writing papers on each movie.  I did not know that much wiriting was involved in a film history class.

I found Louthan and I had several differences.  For example, attending CSULB was her first choice of college, and unfortunately it was not my first choice.  Another example, Louthan mentioned she is not very artistic using paints and mentioned how difficult it was to knit for our yarn bombing activity.  On the other hand, I greatly enjoy using paints and enjoyed the yarn bombing activity.  Some of Louthan’s hobbies consist of playing tennis and playing guitar.  I regret never learning to play an instrument and one day wish to have enough free time to learn.  One ironic fun fact about Louthan was that she has been working at a movie theater since she was 16 years old and she is a film major.  Overall, I had a great time getting to know Kylie.

Kylies Videography.com


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