Wk10-Student Choice



This week I was given the freedom to create any form of art I desire.  My activity this week was not planned, rather a spontaneous idea put into action.  Since this was the last week of school before spring break my roommate and I were extremely ecstatic.  Once we finished our midterms and Thursday afternoon rolled around, we were officially on spring break.  We were so overjoyed we began blasting loud music down our dorm hall and singing at the top of our lungs.  This continued for about half an hour and the music progressively turned to the rap genre.

Our suite mate across the hall came into our room because we were so loud and began to record us on snapchat.  It was then that my ridiculous idea sparked.  All musicians and artists have photo shoots for album covers, so why couldn’t we do the same?  It seemed like a great idea and we made a “LB” sign and even used some money as props.  This photo shoot consisted of several photos, but I only posted the best ones.  This activity was extremely amateur.  It was so spontaneous there was no preparation.  Our photographer was our suite mate and she photographed on an iphone 5s.

Although we attempted to capture a very serious and demeaning face in our “album cover”, it was very difficult.  I for one am not a serious person and am always found smiling and laughing.  Every other picture was of us laughing, which is why we had so many pictures until we got the right one.  This made me realize that true art should be enjoyable and not serious.  I had so much fun in my photo shoot and I can only hope that all artists enjoy creating their art.  If art is not enjoyed by the artist then how should it be expected to be appreciated by others?  Unfortunately, I have no saved voice recordings of our horrible attempts to rap and sing.  Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience and definitely    helped lighten the mood from midterms and prepare for a week of relaxation with family and friends.



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