Wk10-Classmate Interview-Andrew Lee



This week, I met a very friendly classmate.  His name is Andrew Lee and he is a second year student here at CSULB.  It was ironic to meet Lee in ART110, when he clearly stated that he had no interest in art.  He simply took this class to fulfill his GE requirement.  However, Lee did mention his passion for athletics.  He enjoys playing soccer and basketball.  He has been playing for quite a well and currently plays in a soccer league.  When asked what he enjoys to do on his free time, Lee said he spends it in the gym.

It was interesting to find out that Lee was born in Queens, New York.  He then moved to New Jersey as a young boy.  Lee moved to the U.S when he was in elementary school.  I had always wanted to go visit the east coast and see how much more different it is from the west coast.  Although he is one of the very few asians from Queens, Lee likes the vibe from New York.  Due to the weather on the east coast, Lee was accustomed to a much more covered up fashion consisting of various layers.  He explained various differences, but finally came to the conclusion that he felt more comfortable in the west coast. Lee is also fluent in Korean.

Lee currently commutes from Cerritos and attended Cypress high school.  I used to play club volleyball in high school and one of my teammates attended that high school.  To my surprise, my teammate turned out to have been a mutual friend between Lee and I.  When I mentioned to Lee that I was Mexican, he was very eager to share some of his encounters with the hispanic culture.  He frequently would drive down to Tijuana with friends just to eat their authentic tacos.  He explained how he loved the meat called lengua and enjoyed eating ceviche as well.  Lee is currently practicing his spanish language in attempt to become fluent.  It was very fun getting to know Andrew and his cultural diversity was very interesting as well.

Andrew Hwan Lee


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