Wk9-Artist Interview-Michael Rollins


IMG_7168 IMG_7169 IMG_7170

After walking throughout the art galleries, I decided to focus on the one that originally caught my eye.  Since I am a visual learner, vibrant colors and crazy patterns usually get my attention.  The painting was so intriguing I caught myself starring for quite a bit.  These paintings seem to take on their own interpretation for every person.  In my opinion, I felt as though these were long endless tunnels filled with twists and turns and different colors to represent all the different experiences one goes through in their lifetime.  As you can see, my thoughts were running wild and I was so interested to learn more of these attractive paintings.

Rollins’ exhibit was called New Digs, which vividly displays a product of his tension and balance.  His instinctive personality shines through his artwork and represents physical, expressive and animalistic attributes.  He mentions how his artwork always leads to visual pleasure and disruption.  This would explain my long starring and interpretation I created.  Most artists reference specific shows or characters, family members or experiences and display that through their art.  However, what I like most about Rollins is the fact that he does not use reference material when beginning an artist.  To me, this is how an artist should do all their work.  Without a reference, the artwork comes alive and genuinely captures the moment of how the artist is feeling or reacting at the time.  Artwork such as Rollins’ provides perspective for all to interpret on their own and it is truly amazing.

As I mentioned earlier, the vibrant colors are the factor that automatically caught my attention.  Rollins did not mindlessly pick any colors for his canvas, instead he selected specific colors that tie in with each other.  Rollins wanted the colors to connect with the world we live in and also to his own lifestyle.  The lines and shapes painted on the canvas resembled the inside of the body because of how intricate it was.  Rollins began to explain how he sees his paintings as a person would looking into a cell.  He simply gets lost in the anatomy-like stokes and lines he has created.  Overall, this exhibit was very enjoyable.  It was nice to relax and find myself so intrigued in the paintings.  I hope everyone has a chance to view Michael’s art because it will definitely leave a good impression on you.


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