Wk9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning


cognitive map-2

cognitive map

The building I adopted and decided to reconstruct is our school library because I spend a lot of time there and I always feel it could be enhanced.  On our school website we have a tab that explains our CSULB library profile.  Here I learned most of the CSULB library was extracted.  In the 1950’s a 25′ x 35′ wooden structure seating 48 students housed the first Library.  It was also interesting to find out that more than a fifth of the initial budget given to the college was going towards the library and purchasing books.  In 1951, the library was relocated to the current standing of our library.  Here its capacity grew to 96 students.  Surprisingly, our current library opened in 1972 and later received its latest construction in 2006-2007, which seats 4,000.  The progression of our library was very amazing.

My drawing illustrates a very artsy building.  Since we already have our well-known blue pyramid, why not have an upside-down pyramid.  Unfortunately, my building may not be possible, but I used my imagination and created a library that would not only attract every student on campus, but also visitors from the area nearby.  On the outside of the library I would love to have a mirror-like glass but on the inside for it to be seen as a window.  This library will have the same set up as our current one with 5 floors to study and read.  However, the elevator going to each floor will also go downstairs.  We will have underground access to this pyramid library containing a Starbucks and Coffee Bean.  This downstairs will be more of a lounge area and relaxing area.

Scan 1

As a current student of CSULB, I have noticed my peers and I share something in common.  That of course is the parking locations on campus.  The only two parking structures are on the lower end of campus along with scattered parking down there as well.  These parkings spots are the only available ones for students during the day.  It is extremely inconvenient to park on the lower end of campus when our class may be in the theater building.  There is however parking lots on upper campus by the library, which are for faculty and staff only.  My solution was simple.  First, I would like to not only share the parking lots with faculty and students, but also distribute the locations of the lots.  If the parking lots are evenly distributed across campus, this would provide much more convenience for students.


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