Wk9-Classmate Interview-Rachel Goodaker



This week I had the chance to meet a new classmate, Rachel Goodaker.  She is a first year here at CSULB and is undeclared just like me.  However, Goodaker actually has a direction of interest which is human development.  She lives local in Cypress and commutes daily.  Her favorite animal is a giraffe and used to play soccer.  She has one sibling, a younger sister, and loves to hang out with her friends.  Once we covered the basic background information we began discussing our work experience.

Since I am currently looking for a part time job I make it a priority to ask my classmates about their work experience during their interviews.  Luckily, Goodaker had some interesting work experience to share with me.  For example, she mentioned how she previously had a job at Hollister.  This turned out to be a horrible experience for her.  Working retail seems to always come with a negative connotation whenever I ask about it.  Goodaker stated that she encountered too many disrespectful people.  Since her time at Hollister she got a job working at a frozen yogurt location called Cherry on Top.  She has been working there for two years now and says it is a more lay-back job and less confrontational.

Aside from work experience, Goodaker is in touch with her artistic side.  Her way of expressing art is through DIY projects and scrapbooking.  She also took a 3D art class in high school.  In this class she was able to make really cool mugs.  Although Goodaker continually does mini art projects, she has a different take on our ART110 class.  For example, she initially thought this class was going to focus more on the history of art.  She also feels as if we are simply using the artists in order to fulfill an assignment.  I immediately agreed with her opinions of this class because I had felt the same.  However, she does enjoy looking at the art presented to us.  It was a pleasure getting to know Rachel and hope everyone else has the chance to also.

Rachh Good.wordpress.com


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