Wk8-Activity-Remix Culture


I believe plenty of fear comes along with the freedom the internet has to offer.  The internet has evolved incredibly and continues to offer more and more opportunities for those who take advantage.  However, with all freedom and power there are those who choose to abuse the power.  Even though there is plenty of resources and tools for the public to use positively and receive benefits, these resources can easily be abused.  For example social media is used to communicate with other people.  Unfortunately, social media provides the freedom to post and say as one wishes, which can lead to cyber bullying.  The internet culture has become the basis of our society and although there are risks and freedom involved, I believe nothing will be done regarding these pros and cons.  As our technology advances, the internet culture will remain and simply continue to make modifications.

My belief of benefits and abusers of the internet culture also holds true to the concept of Copyright.  I understand the idea is to claim what belongs to you, however there are several torrenting websites and illegal websites for downloading copyrighted material.  Yes, Copyright needs to be strengthened, but in order to do this modifications need to be made.   I chose to keep my website on public domain.  This is my blog and form of expression and I believe anyone can visit my site and acknowledge my work as they wish.  I also do not have precious media that I would mind being reused elsewhere.  I am posting on the internet, which means it is automatically out in the public and I feel Copyright is unnecessary.

My experience creating this video was surprisingly easier than I had imagined.  Unfortunately, I am not skilled with computer technology.  Luckily, my roommate is and enjoys creating and editing videos online for fun.  I mentioned the assignment to her and she was ecstatic to help me.  We began the process by brainstorming potential ideas of videos and music to remix together.  After we made our decision we selected the video from YouTube and copied the link onto iSkySoft and then converted the video to be compatible with iMovie.  Next, we downloaded the song and put it into iMovie along with the video.  We watched the video and cut out parts of the video we felt unnecessary and then finalized the video.  Finally, my project was uploaded onto YouTube.


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