Wk8-Artist Interview-Brian Davis


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This week as I was walking around the galleries, I heard one of the artists was making juice for the public.  I was automatically gravitating towards a very popular gallery.  Students just kept piling in and I was curious to see what everyone was coming to see.  Low and behold, there was artist, Brian Davis, juicing various fruits and vegetables for the public.  This was nothing i had expected.  Since I began ART110, I was accustomed to viewing paintings, sculptures or photographs in art galleries.  I had never seen anything like this, or experienced this art in action.

I automatically wanted to know why the gallery was set up the way it was and why it was so different from artwork displayed in the surrounding galleries.  Davis stated that he had been here at CSULB for four years and has had three art gallery shows which were all very object based.  He felt it was time to try something new, and thus the Art Hostel was created.  Davis’ main purpose in creating this free and welcoming artistic environment was to create a space for creative people to show off their talent.  He even invited all friends to come and do performances.  I believe this is the most humble way to occupy an art gallery.  Not every artist gets the opportunity to have an entire gallery to themselves and the fact that Davis was sharing it with everyone was truly amazing.

The set up of this gallery was shared with artist Maccabee Shelley.  There were couches and plenty of room to walk around.  It had a very homey feel and extremely welcoming.  On the blank walls there was were projected videos.  One video was a time lapse of the installation and arrangement of the furniture within the gallery.  Another was a time lapse of the visitors that enter the gallery.  While visitors are entering and exploring this gallery, Davis is positioned in the far corner behind a long table covered in various fruits and vegetables and juicers.  He continually juiced all kinds of fruits and vegetables and gave them to his visitors.  I greatly admire Davis’ approach on art and I hope everyone who was present on Thursday’s class got the chance to see his gallery.

IMG_7041 IMG_7042


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