Wk8-Classmate Interview-Kelsey Lewis



This week I had the opportunity to meet a fellow freshman classmate.  She was very easy to talk to and it was nice getting to know her.  she began telling me a little bit about herself.  For example she is a journalism major and from Central Valley.  She played soccer for fifteen years, but has since then traded her soccer life for photography.  She has family that lives in Long Beach and quite frankly loves the area because it is affordable.  She also dorms here on campus and is enjoying her first year to the fullest.

We had a couple things in common such as agreeing that this class can be altered into an online class.  Although the projects are interesting, Lewis still has trouble conducting interviews.  It became apparent that Lewis loved art.  This love began when she was a little girl and she enjoyed drawing and painting.  She has since then matured and found interest in film and photography.  She enjoys taking videos and making short clips.  To this day she keeps in touch with her artistic side and doodles whenever she gets the chance.

“Art is a self expression and interpretation; putting something out there so people can interpret it”. -Kelsey Lewis

Since Lewis mentioned she was a journalism major, I was curious as to what led her in that pathway.  To my surprise she does not like writing, and does not read or watch the news.  Originally she wanted to focus on photo journalism.  It was interesting to find out Lewis’ take on our corrupt news.  Her main goal is being able to get the actual truth out to the public, as opposed to everything being projected in todays society.  I really admire her will to do good for the rest of us.  Along with this conversation, Lewis explained the long process news goes through before it is actually cast for all to see and read.  She taught me a lot about journalism that I would have never thought would be of such importance.  Kelsey is a very sweet girl and hopefully you all get the chance to meet her.

xKelsey Nicole.wordpress.com


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