Wk7-Activity-Portrait Photographry



This week along with an activity, I was introduced to print making.  I had heard plenty of this form of art but never really saw much of it.  Luckily in the SOA printmaking art gallery I was given the opportunity to explore this new art form.  This gallery was called Paradox, which intrigued me even more.  I find paradox’s very amusing due the subtle humor it portrays.  The two I liked most was the lucky rabbit foot and the pizza veggie plants.  They were appealing in both black and white and color.  The process of printmaking seems to be very well thought out process that would take me hours to complete.  Nonetheless, I would still be interested in producing my own form of print making.


When I first heard of this week’s activity I couldn’t help but think my professor is insane! It was something completely different from all previous activities.  The thought of having to stage and photograph my death was simply bizarre.  After doing a little more research and finding out that artist, Izima Kaoru, has created Landscapes with a Corpse.  He photographs planned death scenes and made them seem so peaceful.  The way a death would want to be imagined.  I even viewed photographs of previous students who completed this activity.  The creativity was incredible and I did not believe I could do such a thing.  I simply wanted to get this photograph over with.

Finally I decided I was going to do this as simple and quick as possible.  What better way to do this than at night when no one is looking? My idea was me getting run over while out on a late night run.  I was already wearing athletic clothes so it was even more convenient.  The fact that the headlights were on and the truck was half over the curb on the sidewalk implies that reckless driving was involved.  My cellphone is pictured out of my reach with earphones still attached because that is how I usually work out.  It seemed like a casual death scene, I didn’t want to make it too realistic with fake blood because blood freaks me out.  Although this activity was a bit uncomfortable, I proudly got out of my comfort zone and completed my portrait photography.


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