Wk7-Artist Interview-Juliette Angulo


This week i stepped aside from galleries displaying drawings and paintings and moved towards photography.  I got to meet a very unique young artist named Juliette Angulo.  Immediately I was intrigued in her photographs especially since she had cut out a person in every photo.  So many questions sprung into my head.  I wanted to know more, considering I did not have anyone close to me joining the work forces.  This was all new to me and I was eager to develop a deeper understanding to Angulo’s photographs.

Angulo’s collection of photographs is called Residual.  These photographs are a culmination of the past two years of life for her family and explores the interconnectivity of personal life choices.  As the interview progressed I learned that her sister was the one who was missing in these photographs.  Recently in november, her sister was sent to Kuwait for nine months.  She was incredibly close to her and has a tight knit family.  She feels an absence from her sister, which is why her body is a cut out in the photographs.  This form of cutting her out was a way of expressing how her and her family felt.  Her sister had been physically removed from their family and they constantly missed her.

Now that I understood the reason for the cutouts, there was a deeper meaning and respect for the photographs.  Angulo mentioned how she always wants the viewers to make their own perspective of her art and these photographs can generally represent a goodbye to anyone.  Most of these photographs were taken in El Paso where Angulo’s sister was stationed last year.  Some where even captured in South Carolina.  Angulo is constantly upgrading her photography and currently photographs with a Canon 60D.   Overall her photographs really made me feel connected to the artist.  She captured such intimate moments and shared such personal experiences that I greatly respect her as an artist.  I really hope everyone gets a chance to view these photographs because they are a great form of art.

IMG_6962 IMG_6961


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