Wk7-Classmate Interview-Eduardo Catalan Olivares



This week I ran into a very friendly classmate of mine named Eduardo Catalan Olivares.  He is currently a second year here at CSULB.  He commutes to school every day, but luckily lives local in the city of Long Beach.  Olivares works part time at McDonalds and also has strong independent morals.  He explained how he is currently atheist.  Olivares’ family are all strong in their catholic faith, but he always found himself questioning some of their Catholic beliefs.  This was extremely interesting to hear which beliefs he questioned because I am Catholic.

Although Olivares only took this course to fulfill his GE requirement, he genuinely appreciates art.  He finds it very interesting because it can expressed in countless ways and forms.  This interest has been in him for a quite a while, which drove him to take an art class in middle school.  He would frequently draw landscapes or figures.  Even after middle school he stayed in touch with his creative side and took an animation class in high school.  This was very relatable to me because I also took art classes throughout middle school and high school.  We both agreed we may not be amazing artists, but it something to definitely keep in touch with.

Considering Olivares’ interest in art, I was surprised to find out that he aspires to teach trigonometry or calculus to students as a profession.  He specifically prefers 11-12th grade students because it is the more mature age level, but is open and willing to teaching any age group of students.  Olivares shared how becoming a mathematics major has helped him appreciate art much more.  Since it is the complete opposite and he does not get to be around it much, when he does get the chance he takes full advantage.  I always thought students in STEM majors had no interest in the arts, but Olivares proved me wrong.  Maybe these students are extremely intrigued, but do not know how to express their interest.  I greatly appreciate this class and the opportunities it has given me to meet very unique and intellectual classmates as Eduardo.

Catalan olivares.wordpress.com


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