Wk6-Artist Interview-Alanna Marcelletti


Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 4.06.18 PM

This week I interviewed Alanna Marcelletti.  Her artwork displayed in the gallery is one of the most unique forms of art I have ever seen.  She claims her artwork follows the non-linear experiences of womanhood through a dialog between painting, material and sculpture.  Each of her pieces is unique and has its own personality.  It was so interesting to see how her thoughts of womanhood translated into these diverse works of art.

This has by far been my favorite art displayed in the gallery.  It was very interesting to find out the specific materials Marcelletti used within each piece she created.  There was one piece in particular which had a broken paper plate and Marcelletti explained how it was actually her painting palate she used at home.  Then she went on further explaining how she collects trash from her studio and is able to repurpose it.  Thus, all the material she works with and uses in her art pieces are repurposed products.

In Marcelletti’s artist statement, she describes her interest in womanhood.  In this gallery she wanted to portray the pains she felt when she was in labor for her first daughter.  The chaotic scraps of paper and fabric inside the wooden frame were supposed to represent the pain inside her.  The sheer cloth on the outside symbolizes her skin.  This is such a strong message being portrayed and she did it beautifully.  The closer I examined the artwork, the more detail I noticed.  She even cut up her wedding dress! Overall, this artwork was extremely intriguing.  I wish I had the creativity and talent Marcelletti has.



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