Wk6-Activity-Yarn Bombing


This week not only did I get to enjoy a new yarn experience, but I was able to explore my campus a bit more as well.  Part of our assignment was to visit the 2nd floor of the FA2 building which is our fiber arts facility.  I did not even know this existed on our campus and it was very interesting to see the variety of art displayed which was created by my peers.  It was very difficult to pick just one thing because all of the artwork was so unique.  However, these creature-like masks caught my attention right away.  so much questions sprung, like why did they choose these creatures? Did they actually wear these masks? Are these masks supposed to be representative of something?


Yarn bombing was a very different experience for me.  First of all, I did not know how to knit or crotchet so I looked up youtube videos and learned how to finger knit.  It was the easiest process because no needles were required.  After a couple hours of finger knitting, I had knit a very long piece of yarn.  I decided to yarn bomb my dog, but he did not like it very much.  Overall, I do not feel my yarn bombing experience was as enjoyable as my graffiti writing experience.  Part of the reason was because I did not have to do any research or further learning for graffiti.  It was simple and enjoyable, whereas yarn bombing involved a long intricate practice of knitting.

IMG_6946 IMG_6947 IMG_6949

As far as comparing the nature of yarn bombing and graffiti writing, I do believe they carry masculine and feminine traits.  Unfortunately society has set stereotypes for almost everything, which is why I believe graffiti writing is masculine and yarn bombing is feminine.  Growing up, the media has always shown old ladies and grandmas as the ones who knit and crochet.  Whereas, trouble making males were on the streets doing graffiti.  Although both men and woman participate in both activities, the stereotype remains as my initial thoughts.


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