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Wk10-Student Choice



This week I was given the freedom to create any form of art I desire.  My activity this week was not planned, rather a spontaneous idea put into action.  Since this was the last week of school before spring break my roommate and I were extremely ecstatic.  Once we finished our midterms and Thursday afternoon rolled around, we were officially on spring break.  We were so overjoyed we began blasting loud music down our dorm hall and singing at the top of our lungs.  This continued for about half an hour and the music progressively turned to the rap genre.

Our suite mate across the hall came into our room because we were so loud and began to record us on snapchat.  It was then that my ridiculous idea sparked.  All musicians and artists have photo shoots for album covers, so why couldn’t we do the same?  It seemed like a great idea and we made a “LB” sign and even used some money as props.  This photo shoot consisted of several photos, but I only posted the best ones.  This activity was extremely amateur.  It was so spontaneous there was no preparation.  Our photographer was our suite mate and she photographed on an iphone 5s.

Although we attempted to capture a very serious and demeaning face in our “album cover”, it was very difficult.  I for one am not a serious person and am always found smiling and laughing.  Every other picture was of us laughing, which is why we had so many pictures until we got the right one.  This made me realize that true art should be enjoyable and not serious.  I had so much fun in my photo shoot and I can only hope that all artists enjoy creating their art.  If art is not enjoyed by the artist then how should it be expected to be appreciated by others?  Unfortunately, I have no saved voice recordings of our horrible attempts to rap and sing.  Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience and definitely    helped lighten the mood from midterms and prepare for a week of relaxation with family and friends.



Wk10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertle



This week I chose to interview Dawn Ertle.  This artist came into class before and talked about her installation.  I was eager to know more and see her installation in person.  Her art was something I had never seen before.  I immediately was drawn to the unique way the installations seemed to drape form the ceiling.  I began to interpret this as someones travels.  Since the piece was very intertwined, I thought it could represent the various places one has traveled to.  Maybe this is due to my desire for traveling.  I have only traveled to a couple of nearby states, but that is not enough.  Unfortunately, once I learned the inspiration for these weavings I found out my interpretation was far from the artist’s intention.

Ertle explained how the larger of the two weavings reflected the relationship between religion and politics.  She wanted it to represent how these two controversial topics play and do not play well together.  Considering I am not politically or religiously inclined, I did not see how her piece had anything to do with those two topics.  However, I was still interested to learn more about Ertle’s weavings.  This was her third installation and she was very confident in her work.  It was surprising to hear that her whole exhibition took an entire year to complete!  That goes to show just how devoted and passionate she is as an artist.  Since this installation is tied to several parts of the ceiling and walls, there is no definite shape.  This makes her art much more unique.  How amazing must it be to see your own art take on several forms and shapes every time it is displayed?

The other longer, more vertical installation was based on weather patterns.  Ertle had been working on environmental issues for 6-7 years and hoped to incorporate this knowledge with her art.  The closer I examined this installation I could definitely see where the weather patterns could be identified.  The origin of Ertle’s weavings began with plastic bags.  She still includes plastic bags in her artwork.  The other products that can be found in the weavings include straws, plastic bottles, strawberry crates, but mostly plastic bags.  Ertle even gave us an insight into the process of creating such wonderful art.  She explained how there are frames on a loom which hold the needles.  Each long yarn that is seen in her installation goes through those needles.  Then, she presses a peddle, which raises the needles up and down.  The result of these steps creates unique patterns within the yarn.  Overall, I really enjoyed Dawn’s gallery and wish her the best of the luck with any further art creations to come.


Wk10-Classmate Interview-Andrew Lee



This week, I met a very friendly classmate.  His name is Andrew Lee and he is a second year student here at CSULB.  It was ironic to meet Lee in ART110, when he clearly stated that he had no interest in art.  He simply took this class to fulfill his GE requirement.  However, Lee did mention his passion for athletics.  He enjoys playing soccer and basketball.  He has been playing for quite a well and currently plays in a soccer league.  When asked what he enjoys to do on his free time, Lee said he spends it in the gym.

It was interesting to find out that Lee was born in Queens, New York.  He then moved to New Jersey as a young boy.  Lee moved to the U.S when he was in elementary school.  I had always wanted to go visit the east coast and see how much more different it is from the west coast.  Although he is one of the very few asians from Queens, Lee likes the vibe from New York.  Due to the weather on the east coast, Lee was accustomed to a much more covered up fashion consisting of various layers.  He explained various differences, but finally came to the conclusion that he felt more comfortable in the west coast. Lee is also fluent in Korean.

Lee currently commutes from Cerritos and attended Cypress high school.  I used to play club volleyball in high school and one of my teammates attended that high school.  To my surprise, my teammate turned out to have been a mutual friend between Lee and I.  When I mentioned to Lee that I was Mexican, he was very eager to share some of his encounters with the hispanic culture.  He frequently would drive down to Tijuana with friends just to eat their authentic tacos.  He explained how he loved the meat called lengua and enjoyed eating ceviche as well.  Lee is currently practicing his spanish language in attempt to become fluent.  It was very fun getting to know Andrew and his cultural diversity was very interesting as well.

Andrew Hwan Lee

Wk9-Artist Interview-Michael Rollins


IMG_7168 IMG_7169 IMG_7170

After walking throughout the art galleries, I decided to focus on the one that originally caught my eye.  Since I am a visual learner, vibrant colors and crazy patterns usually get my attention.  The painting was so intriguing I caught myself starring for quite a bit.  These paintings seem to take on their own interpretation for every person.  In my opinion, I felt as though these were long endless tunnels filled with twists and turns and different colors to represent all the different experiences one goes through in their lifetime.  As you can see, my thoughts were running wild and I was so interested to learn more of these attractive paintings.

Rollins’ exhibit was called New Digs, which vividly displays a product of his tension and balance.  His instinctive personality shines through his artwork and represents physical, expressive and animalistic attributes.  He mentions how his artwork always leads to visual pleasure and disruption.  This would explain my long starring and interpretation I created.  Most artists reference specific shows or characters, family members or experiences and display that through their art.  However, what I like most about Rollins is the fact that he does not use reference material when beginning an artist.  To me, this is how an artist should do all their work.  Without a reference, the artwork comes alive and genuinely captures the moment of how the artist is feeling or reacting at the time.  Artwork such as Rollins’ provides perspective for all to interpret on their own and it is truly amazing.

As I mentioned earlier, the vibrant colors are the factor that automatically caught my attention.  Rollins did not mindlessly pick any colors for his canvas, instead he selected specific colors that tie in with each other.  Rollins wanted the colors to connect with the world we live in and also to his own lifestyle.  The lines and shapes painted on the canvas resembled the inside of the body because of how intricate it was.  Rollins began to explain how he sees his paintings as a person would looking into a cell.  He simply gets lost in the anatomy-like stokes and lines he has created.  Overall, this exhibit was very enjoyable.  It was nice to relax and find myself so intrigued in the paintings.  I hope everyone has a chance to view Michael’s art because it will definitely leave a good impression on you.

Wk9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning


cognitive map-2

cognitive map

The building I adopted and decided to reconstruct is our school library because I spend a lot of time there and I always feel it could be enhanced.  On our school website we have a tab that explains our CSULB library profile.  Here I learned most of the CSULB library was extracted.  In the 1950’s a 25′ x 35′ wooden structure seating 48 students housed the first Library.  It was also interesting to find out that more than a fifth of the initial budget given to the college was going towards the library and purchasing books.  In 1951, the library was relocated to the current standing of our library.  Here its capacity grew to 96 students.  Surprisingly, our current library opened in 1972 and later received its latest construction in 2006-2007, which seats 4,000.  The progression of our library was very amazing.

My drawing illustrates a very artsy building.  Since we already have our well-known blue pyramid, why not have an upside-down pyramid.  Unfortunately, my building may not be possible, but I used my imagination and created a library that would not only attract every student on campus, but also visitors from the area nearby.  On the outside of the library I would love to have a mirror-like glass but on the inside for it to be seen as a window.  This library will have the same set up as our current one with 5 floors to study and read.  However, the elevator going to each floor will also go downstairs.  We will have underground access to this pyramid library containing a Starbucks and Coffee Bean.  This downstairs will be more of a lounge area and relaxing area.

Scan 1

As a current student of CSULB, I have noticed my peers and I share something in common.  That of course is the parking locations on campus.  The only two parking structures are on the lower end of campus along with scattered parking down there as well.  These parkings spots are the only available ones for students during the day.  It is extremely inconvenient to park on the lower end of campus when our class may be in the theater building.  There is however parking lots on upper campus by the library, which are for faculty and staff only.  My solution was simple.  First, I would like to not only share the parking lots with faculty and students, but also distribute the locations of the lots.  If the parking lots are evenly distributed across campus, this would provide much more convenience for students.

Wk9-Classmate Interview-Rachel Goodaker



This week I had the chance to meet a new classmate, Rachel Goodaker.  She is a first year here at CSULB and is undeclared just like me.  However, Goodaker actually has a direction of interest which is human development.  She lives local in Cypress and commutes daily.  Her favorite animal is a giraffe and used to play soccer.  She has one sibling, a younger sister, and loves to hang out with her friends.  Once we covered the basic background information we began discussing our work experience.

Since I am currently looking for a part time job I make it a priority to ask my classmates about their work experience during their interviews.  Luckily, Goodaker had some interesting work experience to share with me.  For example, she mentioned how she previously had a job at Hollister.  This turned out to be a horrible experience for her.  Working retail seems to always come with a negative connotation whenever I ask about it.  Goodaker stated that she encountered too many disrespectful people.  Since her time at Hollister she got a job working at a frozen yogurt location called Cherry on Top.  She has been working there for two years now and says it is a more lay-back job and less confrontational.

Aside from work experience, Goodaker is in touch with her artistic side.  Her way of expressing art is through DIY projects and scrapbooking.  She also took a 3D art class in high school.  In this class she was able to make really cool mugs.  Although Goodaker continually does mini art projects, she has a different take on our ART110 class.  For example, she initially thought this class was going to focus more on the history of art.  She also feels as if we are simply using the artists in order to fulfill an assignment.  I immediately agreed with her opinions of this class because I had felt the same.  However, she does enjoy looking at the art presented to us.  It was a pleasure getting to know Rachel and hope everyone else has the chance to also.


Wk8-Activity-Remix Culture


I believe plenty of fear comes along with the freedom the internet has to offer.  The internet has evolved incredibly and continues to offer more and more opportunities for those who take advantage.  However, with all freedom and power there are those who choose to abuse the power.  Even though there is plenty of resources and tools for the public to use positively and receive benefits, these resources can easily be abused.  For example social media is used to communicate with other people.  Unfortunately, social media provides the freedom to post and say as one wishes, which can lead to cyber bullying.  The internet culture has become the basis of our society and although there are risks and freedom involved, I believe nothing will be done regarding these pros and cons.  As our technology advances, the internet culture will remain and simply continue to make modifications.

My belief of benefits and abusers of the internet culture also holds true to the concept of Copyright.  I understand the idea is to claim what belongs to you, however there are several torrenting websites and illegal websites for downloading copyrighted material.  Yes, Copyright needs to be strengthened, but in order to do this modifications need to be made.   I chose to keep my website on public domain.  This is my blog and form of expression and I believe anyone can visit my site and acknowledge my work as they wish.  I also do not have precious media that I would mind being reused elsewhere.  I am posting on the internet, which means it is automatically out in the public and I feel Copyright is unnecessary.

My experience creating this video was surprisingly easier than I had imagined.  Unfortunately, I am not skilled with computer technology.  Luckily, my roommate is and enjoys creating and editing videos online for fun.  I mentioned the assignment to her and she was ecstatic to help me.  We began the process by brainstorming potential ideas of videos and music to remix together.  After we made our decision we selected the video from YouTube and copied the link onto iSkySoft and then converted the video to be compatible with iMovie.  Next, we downloaded the song and put it into iMovie along with the video.  We watched the video and cut out parts of the video we felt unnecessary and then finalized the video.  Finally, my project was uploaded onto YouTube.