Wk6-Classmate Interview-Darlene Nguyen



During my artist interview I was given the pleasure of meeting Darlene Nguyen.  She is a first year and her major is biology.  Nguyen explained how her classes as a biology classes are extremely difficult but she is very determined.  Her mindset set is focused on her degree.  I admire her determination and drive and hope I can develop that mindset as well.  She currently commutes from Anaheim and wishes she was living in the dorms.  I currently live in the dorms and recommend it to everyone because it is a great college experience.  Nguyen and I shared the love for boba and she even introduced me to a new place called 7 Leaves.

Although she only took Art110 because it filled her GE requirement, Nguyen actually really enjoys this class.  She mentioned how she likes going to the art galleries because they’re fun for her.  Nguyen really takes the time to analyze and interpret the artwork.  There may be sometimes that she does not understand the artwork but that sparks interesting questions for her to ask during her artist interview.  She has always been well-rounded and interested in art.  In high school and before, she has always been involved in art.  She currently continues to draw and doodle on her free time.  She also works with pastels and loves to read.

Nguyen began sharing her experiences she has had working for Forever21.  This is her first job and she was completely new to the retail life.  She enjoys the constant interaction with customers.  However, she told me numerous stories of rude or irrational questions that customers ask her.  I personally love shopping at Forever21 and was actually considering applying to work there.  She explained the interview process and gave me some helpful information.  Her main advice was to be patient and learn how to cooperate with kind and rude people.  My interview with Darlene with filled with laughter.  She has a vibrant personality that you all should get to know.

Darlene Q Nguyen.wordpress.com


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