Wk5-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco


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This week I met the lovely young and aspiring artist, Dianna Franco.  Her artwork in the gallery was called Flux, which is focused on the flow of energy and constant change amongst nature and civilization.  She draws inspiration from the micro and macro levels in psychology and science.  She loved exploring how the inner parts of nature and civilization can affect the outside, as well as how the outer parts of these areas can affect the inside.

During the interview several of my classmates and I agreed that some of paintings seemed to resemble the brain through her choice of lines as the “inner part” of her paintings.  We made this connection to psychology and asked Franco more about her inspiration.  She explained how she was fascinated by the heart and brain and how they have several inner parts in order to function.  Franco was very down to earth and curious to hear our perspective of her artwork.  One of my classmates mentioned that her artwork resembles old abandoned houses with nature growing over it.  To my surprise Franco said she constantly referred to those photographs.  The more and more input my classmates were giving I began to see her artwork from several different perspectives.

Advice to aspiring artists: “Just do art because that’s what you love” -Dianna Franco

Franco did all her artwork on stretch canvas and explained how each piece was a several day process.  She would work on one piece for an entire day then the next day she would return with a different perspective and alter her artwork.  During the interview Franco got a bit personal with us and explained how she took an astronomy class and psychology class here at CSULB, which sparked her interest and led her to the art department.  Although she is creating amazing artwork, Franco said she still is not sure what she plans on doing after she graduates.  Unfortunately that is the honest truth for most of us and the fact that she shamelessly admitted it was very appreciated.  I hope one day you get the chance to meet this wonderful artist.

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