Wk5-Activity-Arts Funding


Our activity for this week was to explore the 21st century form of funding art.  Of course there are several forms of funding but one that has been popular in todays society is kickstarter.  Basically people post videos of their idea and hope to receive donations from those who view it.  In my opinion this is a long shot, but I see no harm in doing it.  Who knows, maybe someone out there will really appreciate what you’re doing and that’s how you’ll jumpstart a potential career.  After viewing several videos, there were some that were just brilliant and some that I have no idea why they were even funded.

For example there were two which I believed were just absurd ideas.  In the fashion category, there is a product labeled YoBrush.  It is simply an iphone case with a brush on the backside of the case.  There are already small portable brushes available and no one wants to brush their hair with a dirty brush.  Our phones accumulate so many germs a day and all of those germs would simply build up between the bristles and onto our hair.  I would never invest in such a case and it is also extremely bulky.


Another product I would never fund would be the OwnFone.  There are individual phones specifically for calling and others specifically for social media.  Although they are more appealing due to their design, it will never prosper in todays society.  We already have several big name companies such as apple and samsung, not to mention carriers such as sprint, verizon and at&t.  People want the most technological advanced devices and the OwnFone seems to be technologically degrading.


On the other hand I encountered some projects that I believe will make a great investment.  In the fashion category, one of them was Where;s Wallet: The Smart Wallet You’ll Never Lose.  You can simply track your wallet from an app because there is a sensor inside the wallet.  In my opinion this is very convenient and there are even several different sizes and color of leather.  Once you are past 150 ft., the sensor will release a notification on your phone notifying you of where you left your wallet.  This is something I would definitely buy my dad.


Next, I encountered Walkzee in the technology category, which is a website partnered with local shelters near you that grant you the access to go visit and take a dog out for a walk.  I think this is brilliant.  These poor dogs are cooped up in cages and hardly ever go outside unless adopted by a loving person.  Not only will this bring light to several shelters dogs, but will also promote adoption.  This is a personal way to get to know a potential pet.  I completely agree with the creators of this website when they mentioned several dog lovers who are not allowed to have pets due to certain circumstances.  Walkzee will grant dog lovers the opportunity to make a dogs day better.



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