Wk5-Classmate Interview-Veronica Gomez



This week I got to meet someone completely new who I have never seen or talked to before.  This is Veronica Gomez and she is currently a second year here at CSULB.  Gomez is a child development major and hopes to pursue the career of a child life specialist in a hospital setting.  To my surprise, Gomez is from a neighboring city of my hometown. I am from Downey and she still currently lives in Norwalk, where she attended Gahr High School.  It was very interesting to find out that our high schools were in same league and I would constantly have my volleyball games in her school gym.

Like most people I’ve interviewed, Gomez simply took this class to fulfill her GE requirements.  On the bright side, she preferred exploring her artistic side as opposed to her theatrical side and did not choose to take Theater as her GE.  Gomez also mentioned how she is not too fond of artist interviews because she can be very timid.  She much rather prefers observing artwork then producing it herself.  I was very excited about our “Mina Show” activity for last week, but she said she had felt rather nervous of completing the activity.  The constant activities and interviews seem to be forcing Veronica out of her comfort zone, which I believe will benefit her so much in the long run.

Once we broke the ice, Gomez began sharing more personal interests of hers.  For example, her favorite color is blue, and favorite animal is a dog.  She loves football and the beach.  For her graffiti project she made it beach themed and when she wrote her name in bubble letters, the “O” in “Veronica” was a sun setting with waves in the background.  She also expressed to me how she enjoyed viewing Maccabee Shelley’s artwork and believes art should be appreciated more.  Although Gomez is a bit timid, it was a pleasure interviewing her.

Gomez Veronica.wordpress.com


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