Wk4-Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer


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This week I had the pleasure of meeting young artist Mikaila Palmer.  Mikaila is partnered with Rachel Gehrke and they collaborated their artwork to create Odyssey: an intellectual or spiritual wandering, a long voyage.  Unfortunately, Gehrke was not present at the time of the interview.  However, Palmer mentioned how Gehkre’s artwork focuses on the parallels between the ocean and space.  Gehkre has also been intrigued by the mysteries of outer space.  On the other hand, Palmer’s work focuses more on time and space combined with memories of when she was at a certain location.  This form of artwork is known as memoryscape.

The memoryscapes Palmer had created were extremely fascinating and I loved her way of putting ideas together.  She explained how her paintings are similar to bills from all over Europe.  When Palmer went to visit she found the only conversation  everyone spoke was money and currency.  She understood euros and that was her way of communication.  This proves to be true all over the world.   I believe everyone can relate to one another through currency.  Due to this connection Palmer made, she combined her memories of the locations she visited with the design on euro bills.  They are all so detailed and within each painting she includes an obscure painting of the map of Italy.

Most people at art galleries simply believe the artists are amazing and are always praised.  However, Palmer was able to reveal some personal experiences and struggles.  I was very shocked to find out that teachers and professors were constantly critiquing her artwork, which caused her to begin painting to please.  Luckily, she remembered why she began painting and simply created art that she loved and enjoyed as opposed to following a standard set by a teacher.  Not only does she love creating her artwork, but is also receiving positive acknowledgment for it.  Palmer has various art knowledge to share and  you can learn so much with just one small conversation with her.

“If your hearts not in it, people will notice.”-Mikaila Palmer

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