Wk4-Classmate Interview-Sophie Guthrie


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Here we have the lovely Sophie Guthrie.  She is a first year here at CSULB and is currently an anthropology major and plans on making journalism her minor.  As an anthropology major she plans on specializing in human cultures similar to TIME magazine.  Guthrie has also been exposed to several forms of art and even completed an art history class in high school.  She expresses how surrealism is by far her favorite form of art and enjoys observing and analyzing it.  On the other hand, she also favors realism.

When asked her opinions on art, Guthrie explains how she truly believes art is a great stress reliever.  It is used as form of expressing all images and thoughts from our head onto a piece of paper or sculpture or clay.  She wishes she had more free time and access to more art supplies so she can continue to spark her interest in art.  Unlike most people, Guthrie also takes a scientific approach towards art.  She educated me on several concepts and explained that art is the reason our frontal lobes developed, which makes us human.

“Art is a vital part of our development and furthering our species”-Sophie Guthrie

Guthrie’s emotions towards this Art110 class vary.  She primarily took this class because it seemed fun and most importantly fulfills her GE requirements.  However, to her surprise she was placed in a large theater as opposed to a classroom with desks.  She expected a more hands on experience and working daily creating something.  I completely agree with her! I was excited to potentially use clay or draw or paint, whereas now we simply sit in a huge theater and go to art galleries.  Guthrie took ceramics in high school and was slightly disappointed when her new art class was nothing like she expected.  She is not too fond of the artist interviews and believes it can be super awkward.  Students can only small talk so much and keep an interesting conversation.  Throughout my interview with Sophie, I found her very easy to relate to and I hope many more of you have the opportunity to meet her.

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