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This week’s activity was to post a minimum of four photos on Instagram to document one day of our lives.  The hashtag for this assignment was #art110s15.  Since I have a strict “one post per day” policy with my Instagram, I created a new account for just the four photos.  The new account I made was @art110yo, whereas my actual account I use everyday is @ohhmyjulyssa.  Regardless of not using my actual account, I was still able to complete the activity and see the various results of the hashtag.

As I was viewing all the pictures from the hashtag, it was very interesting to see all the different activities occur within our disconnected lives.  However, there were some connections and similarities within our “Group Portrait”.  For example, it seems as if majority of students documented their classmate interviews and artist interviews from Thursday’s class.  It was interesting to see similar pictures of the artwork from Kireh Elaine Kwak all posted in a relatively same time range.  Aside from the posts relating to our art class, every other post was unique pertaining to the individual who posted it.

There were two things I found interesting after viewing the pictures from the hashtag.  When I randomly clicked on some photos, I noticed the Instagram account they were being posted on was solemnly for this activity.  Therefore, I was not the only one who created a separate account for these photos.  It nice to see some of my classmate have the same ideas as I.  The other interesting thing was that I accidentally hash tagged the wrong hashtag on one of my photos.  I used #art100s15 as opposed to #art110s15.  To my surprise, one other student had made the same mistake and our two photos were the only ones with the mistaken hashtag.

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