Wk3-Classmate Interview-Kat Pismenny



This is Kat Pismenny, one of the “koolest” girls you will ever meet.  She is a first year here at CSULB and currently a pre nursing major, but has quite the interest in the arts.  Due to her all her previous involvement in various types of artwork, she hopes to minor in art or photography.

Pismenny’s form of inspiration comes from nature.  She enjoys being outdoors and appreciates the beauty around her, from the tall majestic trees to the small creatures living upon flower petals.  Similar to most people she likes to doodle, but Pisimenny finds a deeper meaning in her doodles.  She currently has a journal that is kept up to date.  On one side of her journal she has a blank page for doodling and expressing any emotion she feels at the time and other page has lines for her to write down any struggles or triumphs she is experiencing.  Pismenny stated that her favorite part of her journal was being able to look back and see some difficult times in her life that she overcame.

“There is hope and things do get better.”-Kat Pismenny

Along with her journal, Pismenny has produced several different forms of art.  In high school she did of a lot of ceramics and enjoyed mixing glazes.  She also did print making, wood carving, block printing and wheel throwing.  Pismenny hopes to produce more art, especially ceramics, in her free time.  One interesting fact about Kat is that she created a kickstarter.  In the process of moving from Missouri to Long Beach she thought it would be a cool idea to create her own kickstarter about being a poor college student trying to achieve her dreams.  I hope everyone gets a chance to meet Kat and listen to her interesting experiences.

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