Wk2-Classmate Interview-Marina Barnes


IMG_5995Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Marina Barnes.  She is a first year here at CSULB and is currently a film major.  Marina has always held an admiration towards all forms of art.   She accompanied me in my interview with artist, Maccabee Shelley and we both shared admiration for his work.  Barnes states that she appreciates art much more when you personally know the artist and understand their passion.

Like most people, Barnes appreciates art much more than she actually likes doing it.  This does not necessarily mean she refrains from any art at all.  On her spare time she enjoys making short films of about 3 minutes in length.  She also knows how to play the ukulele, however she wishes she was more musically inclined and could play more instruments.  The art she most admires is modern art.  She made an emphasis on how her admiration for most art comes from artists who sacrifice so much in order to pursue their talents.  Becoming a successful artist in todays society is extremely difficult and rare, but there are still several artists who continue producing artwork in spite of their financial situation.

“Art isn’t touched by the corrupt mess of society”-Marina Barnes

Marina mentioned an interesting point and explains how art is used as an escape for some people.  She pictures most artists working best when they are completely alone and in their head with no distractions.  She drew a connection to her previous hobby of meditation.  Unfortunately, her meditation did not have a positive affect in her life she, but she now understands the importance of being in touch with herself.  She wishes to gain more admiration of all kinds of art throughout her semester in Art110.  Barnes is a very thoughtful and insightful young lady and I hope you can get the chance to know her.



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