IMG_6145This week’s activity was to create our own artwork with spray paint in the form of graffiti.  Before we began we were supposed to sketch out our name in bubble letters and then reproduce the same lettering in spray paint.  Through this activity we had the opportunity to go to Venice Beach and test out our graffiti skills on the public walls.  In class we watched a film called Bomb It and it opened my eyes to the various meanings behind graffiti.  I used to think it was just a way of signing your name on a location,  but it is much more than that.

Graffiti is a great form of public advertisement for a cause.  I underestimated the importance behind graffiti and the difficulty of using spray paint on surfaces.  When I arrived at the various walls at Venice I did not want to cover up any of the artwork that was already there because it was so detailed and perfect.  There were people there with several different spray paint cans and had been working for hours, outlining and shading.  I felt like such an amateur and I was.

Once I wrote my name, it became very fun! I felt like I could just paint anything and I was really enjoying the process.  The only part I was not prepared for was the wind.  Unfortunately, I was painting on a wall where all the wind was blowing in my direction.  In result of this wind, my paint began dripping.  Some of the more experienced people there told me to change locations, but in my eyes the drip of the paint added a very cool effect.  My favorite moment was having a stranger come up to me and ask to take a picture of the anchor I had just painted.  This is definitely an experience I would like to relive.



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