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Wk6-Classmate Interview-Darlene Nguyen



During my artist interview I was given the pleasure of meeting Darlene Nguyen.  She is a first year and her major is biology.  Nguyen explained how her classes as a biology classes are extremely difficult but she is very determined.  Her mindset set is focused on her degree.  I admire her determination and drive and hope I can develop that mindset as well.  She currently commutes from Anaheim and wishes she was living in the dorms.  I currently live in the dorms and recommend it to everyone because it is a great college experience.  Nguyen and I shared the love for boba and she even introduced me to a new place called 7 Leaves.

Although she only took Art110 because it filled her GE requirement, Nguyen actually really enjoys this class.  She mentioned how she likes going to the art galleries because they’re fun for her.  Nguyen really takes the time to analyze and interpret the artwork.  There may be sometimes that she does not understand the artwork but that sparks interesting questions for her to ask during her artist interview.  She has always been well-rounded and interested in art.  In high school and before, she has always been involved in art.  She currently continues to draw and doodle on her free time.  She also works with pastels and loves to read.

Nguyen began sharing her experiences she has had working for Forever21.  This is her first job and she was completely new to the retail life.  She enjoys the constant interaction with customers.  However, she told me numerous stories of rude or irrational questions that customers ask her.  I personally love shopping at Forever21 and was actually considering applying to work there.  She explained the interview process and gave me some helpful information.  Her main advice was to be patient and learn how to cooperate with kind and rude people.  My interview with Darlene with filled with laughter.  She has a vibrant personality that you all should get to know.

Darlene Q


Wk5-Activity-Arts Funding


Our activity for this week was to explore the 21st century form of funding art.  Of course there are several forms of funding but one that has been popular in todays society is kickstarter.  Basically people post videos of their idea and hope to receive donations from those who view it.  In my opinion this is a long shot, but I see no harm in doing it.  Who knows, maybe someone out there will really appreciate what you’re doing and that’s how you’ll jumpstart a potential career.  After viewing several videos, there were some that were just brilliant and some that I have no idea why they were even funded.

For example there were two which I believed were just absurd ideas.  In the fashion category, there is a product labeled YoBrush.  It is simply an iphone case with a brush on the backside of the case.  There are already small portable brushes available and no one wants to brush their hair with a dirty brush.  Our phones accumulate so many germs a day and all of those germs would simply build up between the bristles and onto our hair.  I would never invest in such a case and it is also extremely bulky.

Another product I would never fund would be the OwnFone.  There are individual phones specifically for calling and others specifically for social media.  Although they are more appealing due to their design, it will never prosper in todays society.  We already have several big name companies such as apple and samsung, not to mention carriers such as sprint, verizon and at&t.  People want the most technological advanced devices and the OwnFone seems to be technologically degrading.

On the other hand I encountered some projects that I believe will make a great investment.  In the fashion category, one of them was Where;s Wallet: The Smart Wallet You’ll Never Lose.  You can simply track your wallet from an app because there is a sensor inside the wallet.  In my opinion this is very convenient and there are even several different sizes and color of leather.  Once you are past 150 ft., the sensor will release a notification on your phone notifying you of where you left your wallet.  This is something I would definitely buy my dad.

Next, I encountered Walkzee in the technology category, which is a website partnered with local shelters near you that grant you the access to go visit and take a dog out for a walk.  I think this is brilliant.  These poor dogs are cooped up in cages and hardly ever go outside unless adopted by a loving person.  Not only will this bring light to several shelters dogs, but will also promote adoption.  This is a personal way to get to know a potential pet.  I completely agree with the creators of this website when they mentioned several dog lovers who are not allowed to have pets due to certain circumstances.  Walkzee will grant dog lovers the opportunity to make a dogs day better.

Wk5-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco


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This week I met the lovely young and aspiring artist, Dianna Franco.  Her artwork in the gallery was called Flux, which is focused on the flow of energy and constant change amongst nature and civilization.  She draws inspiration from the micro and macro levels in psychology and science.  She loved exploring how the inner parts of nature and civilization can affect the outside, as well as how the outer parts of these areas can affect the inside.

During the interview several of my classmates and I agreed that some of paintings seemed to resemble the brain through her choice of lines as the “inner part” of her paintings.  We made this connection to psychology and asked Franco more about her inspiration.  She explained how she was fascinated by the heart and brain and how they have several inner parts in order to function.  Franco was very down to earth and curious to hear our perspective of her artwork.  One of my classmates mentioned that her artwork resembles old abandoned houses with nature growing over it.  To my surprise Franco said she constantly referred to those photographs.  The more and more input my classmates were giving I began to see her artwork from several different perspectives.

Advice to aspiring artists: “Just do art because that’s what you love” -Dianna Franco

Franco did all her artwork on stretch canvas and explained how each piece was a several day process.  She would work on one piece for an entire day then the next day she would return with a different perspective and alter her artwork.  During the interview Franco got a bit personal with us and explained how she took an astronomy class and psychology class here at CSULB, which sparked her interest and led her to the art department.  Although she is creating amazing artwork, Franco said she still is not sure what she plans on doing after she graduates.  Unfortunately that is the honest truth for most of us and the fact that she shamelessly admitted it was very appreciated.  I hope one day you get the chance to meet this wonderful artist.

IMG_6861 IMG_6862

Wk5-Classmate Interview-Veronica Gomez



This week I got to meet someone completely new who I have never seen or talked to before.  This is Veronica Gomez and she is currently a second year here at CSULB.  Gomez is a child development major and hopes to pursue the career of a child life specialist in a hospital setting.  To my surprise, Gomez is from a neighboring city of my hometown. I am from Downey and she still currently lives in Norwalk, where she attended Gahr High School.  It was very interesting to find out that our high schools were in same league and I would constantly have my volleyball games in her school gym.

Like most people I’ve interviewed, Gomez simply took this class to fulfill her GE requirements.  On the bright side, she preferred exploring her artistic side as opposed to her theatrical side and did not choose to take Theater as her GE.  Gomez also mentioned how she is not too fond of artist interviews because she can be very timid.  She much rather prefers observing artwork then producing it herself.  I was very excited about our “Mina Show” activity for last week, but she said she had felt rather nervous of completing the activity.  The constant activities and interviews seem to be forcing Veronica out of her comfort zone, which I believe will benefit her so much in the long run.

Once we broke the ice, Gomez began sharing more personal interests of hers.  For example, her favorite color is blue, and favorite animal is a dog.  She loves football and the beach.  For her graffiti project she made it beach themed and when she wrote her name in bubble letters, the “O” in “Veronica” was a sun setting with waves in the background.  She also expressed to me how she enjoyed viewing Maccabee Shelley’s artwork and believes art should be appreciated more.  Although Gomez is a bit timid, it was a pleasure interviewing her.


Wk4-Activity-The Mina Show



This week’s activity was to create our own version of the Mina Show.  It was inspired by the one and only Marina Barnes who I have the pleasure of calling a close friend and sister in the same sorority.  I felt this assignment was very relatable to me and I’m sure to several other people as well.  I know I find myself having random “Mina Show” moments all the time.  There are certain situations I find myself in that I think “wow it would be so cool if…” and I actually do it.  If I find it interesting and fun then I do not mind potentially making a fool of myself or what other people might think because it’s “The Julyssa Show”.

Throughout this week I was lucky enough to go to the beach twice.  I went to Newport Beach on Friday with a couple of friends and the weather was absolutely perfect.  While at this beach I wanted to see how high I could jump and had my friend constantly takes pictures until I got the perfect one.  On sunday I went to Laguna Beach and thought it’d funny to run around with a blanket as a cape.  That is exactly what I did and even got it recorded on a slow-mo video.  How cool is that?  A while ago my roommate had shown me a parody picture of Jonah Hill and James Franco and we both agreed it would be a hilarious idea to reenact it.  Finally we had time this week to complete it and neither of us could stop laughing the entire time.  It took about 45 shots to get the perfect picture.  Last but not least, I FED A SQUIRREL! I just so happened to be walking to class on wednesday eating trail mix and I know squirrels love nuts so I figured I might as well share.

I would define my “Mina Show” moments as performance art.  The activities I did this week were random such as the jumping and squirrel feeding, but the reenacted photograph was scripted.  Performance art is defined as either scripted or unscripted, random or carefully orchestrated; spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned with or without audience participation.  I would definitely not consider any of these moments a flash mob.  A flash mob is is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time.  However, I would absolutely love to participate in a flash mob because I never have before.  My “Mina Show” moments have been extremely enjoyable and I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy theirs as well.

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Wk4-Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer


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This week I had the pleasure of meeting young artist Mikaila Palmer.  Mikaila is partnered with Rachel Gehrke and they collaborated their artwork to create Odyssey: an intellectual or spiritual wandering, a long voyage.  Unfortunately, Gehrke was not present at the time of the interview.  However, Palmer mentioned how Gehkre’s artwork focuses on the parallels between the ocean and space.  Gehkre has also been intrigued by the mysteries of outer space.  On the other hand, Palmer’s work focuses more on time and space combined with memories of when she was at a certain location.  This form of artwork is known as memoryscape.

The memoryscapes Palmer had created were extremely fascinating and I loved her way of putting ideas together.  She explained how her paintings are similar to bills from all over Europe.  When Palmer went to visit she found the only conversation  everyone spoke was money and currency.  She understood euros and that was her way of communication.  This proves to be true all over the world.   I believe everyone can relate to one another through currency.  Due to this connection Palmer made, she combined her memories of the locations she visited with the design on euro bills.  They are all so detailed and within each painting she includes an obscure painting of the map of Italy.

Most people at art galleries simply believe the artists are amazing and are always praised.  However, Palmer was able to reveal some personal experiences and struggles.  I was very shocked to find out that teachers and professors were constantly critiquing her artwork, which caused her to begin painting to please.  Luckily, she remembered why she began painting and simply created art that she loved and enjoyed as opposed to following a standard set by a teacher.  Not only does she love creating her artwork, but is also receiving positive acknowledgment for it.  Palmer has various art knowledge to share and  you can learn so much with just one small conversation with her.

“If your hearts not in it, people will notice.”-Mikaila Palmer

IMG_6257  IMG_6258

Wk4-Classmate Interview-Sophie Guthrie


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Here we have the lovely Sophie Guthrie.  She is a first year here at CSULB and is currently an anthropology major and plans on making journalism her minor.  As an anthropology major she plans on specializing in human cultures similar to TIME magazine.  Guthrie has also been exposed to several forms of art and even completed an art history class in high school.  She expresses how surrealism is by far her favorite form of art and enjoys observing and analyzing it.  On the other hand, she also favors realism.

When asked her opinions on art, Guthrie explains how she truly believes art is a great stress reliever.  It is used as form of expressing all images and thoughts from our head onto a piece of paper or sculpture or clay.  She wishes she had more free time and access to more art supplies so she can continue to spark her interest in art.  Unlike most people, Guthrie also takes a scientific approach towards art.  She educated me on several concepts and explained that art is the reason our frontal lobes developed, which makes us human.

“Art is a vital part of our development and furthering our species”-Sophie Guthrie

Guthrie’s emotions towards this Art110 class vary.  She primarily took this class because it seemed fun and most importantly fulfills her GE requirements.  However, to her surprise she was placed in a large theater as opposed to a classroom with desks.  She expected a more hands on experience and working daily creating something.  I completely agree with her! I was excited to potentially use clay or draw or paint, whereas now we simply sit in a huge theater and go to art galleries.  Guthrie took ceramics in high school and was slightly disappointed when her new art class was nothing like she expected.  She is not too fond of the artist interviews and believes it can be super awkward.  Students can only small talk so much and keep an interesting conversation.  Throughout my interview with Sophie, I found her very easy to relate to and I hope many more of you have the opportunity to meet her.

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